Sachs clutches are the result of decades of experience and expertise in development and production. Sachs clutches are everywhere—from passenger vehicles to heavy goods vehicles, on the roads and on rough terrain, in the fields and on the racetracks, from mass production to batch production. Sachs is one of the major clutch manufacturers and O.E suppliers in the world. Continuous development work, extensive long term testing, state of the art production technology and ISO 9000/2 certification are reasons why most of the worlds motor manufacturers insist on Genuine Sachs Parts.

Proven design, the use of high quality materials and a comprehensive quality management system ensures that SACHS clutches are endowed with first class performance, reliability and a long operational life. Sachs heavy duty re-manufactured clutch kit Products available include new clutch kits for light, medium and heavy duty applications as well as a full range of Factory Re-manufactured service kits.